Our Pahu are made in either 18″ or 20″ diameters and approximately 21-23″ in length. Each Pahu has two feet attached to them with rubber stoppers to keep them from sliding while playing. We use goat skin for these drum heads that provide a bright deep resonating bass tone that can be adjusted. You can customize your order by choosing your own colored pattern/fabric.

We also offer personalized wood burning for you or your groups name. (add $45)

Drum is functional and is performance ready. Humidity and temperature do have varying effects on the tension, pitch and wood expansion/contraction. (Mallets not included)

Approximate dimensions: 18-20″diameter x 21-23″length x 18-21″tall

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    These drums will get your rhythms heard and felt! Played with a mallet, the Pahu provides a sound that resembles a deep bass drum (BOOM!). Add the sound of this drum to the beat, and order yours today!