Pahu Tupa'i

Pahu Tupa'i


Our Pahu Tupa’i are made from a 14″ diameter shell and are 20″ tall. We place them on legs/stand that can be ordered to your specified height. (Normal drum height is approx. 46″ tall) Our drums come with rubber stoppers on the bottom to protect the drum, and keep it from sliding when playing. We use cow skin for these drum heads that give a resonating mid bass tone that can be adjusted.

You can customize your order by choosing your own colored pattern/fabric. We also offer personalized wood burning for you or your groups name. (add $45)

Drum is functional and performance ready. Humidity and temperature do have varying effects on the tension, pitch and wood expansion/contraction.

Approximate dimensions: 14″Diameter x Adjustable height up 60″

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    These drums will get your rhythms heard and felt! Played with both hands, these Pahu Tupa’i provide a similar sound of a deep conga drum. Add the sound of this drum to the beat, and order yours today!